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PACKPRINT LLC is the largest producer of packaging materials in Ukraine. Founded in 1998, PACKPRINT today holds leading positions in Ukraine for the production of packaging materials and recycling of secondary products. Due to the significant increase in the volume of production and sales in 2002, the company's management decided to divide the company into several main areas: manufacturing, sales and marketing, logistics department and the department of foreign trade. Now each direction operating successfully and dynamically developing.


PACKPRINT LLC is the company oriented onto buyers needs. We produces more than 100 kinds of packaging products, including producing for special order . Our main goal is satisfying the most demanding customer requirements, maintaining a high standard of product quality. Turning to us once, the buyer remains our customer for a long time.


The company produces and processes in the month, more than 250 tons of polypropylene (PP packing tape, PP corner, PP clip, etc.), produces more than 100 tons of metal products, printing over 100 thousand rolls of duct tape with logo, rewinds and cuts more than 250 tons of film stretch and more 150 tons of bilateral and packaging adhesive tape (Scotch).


PACKPRINT LLC actively seeking experts in the field of extrusion, flexo printing and molding of plastics, as well as young and motivated people who are willing to work selflessly and learn new things. Our employees are trained in Ukraine and abroad, raising the professional skills thus improving the quality of produced products.


PACKPRINT LLC company is open to any kind of cooperation, both with Ukrainian and foreign companies. We are interested in expanding the market for our products and offer the best pricing decisions. If you are a manufacturer and you are looking for a reliable partner in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, please contact us. We will help you solve your problem.



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Department of foreign trade:

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т/ф. +38(044) 501 8496

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